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Quiet Title Litigation

We Represent Parties in Quiet Title Litigation in South Florida

When two or more parties claim competing ownership interests in a piece of real estate in South Florida, quiet title litigation provides a means to resolve their dispute. Filing an action to quiet title affords access to a judicial resolution; and, while this resolution is not binding on non-parties to the litigation, it provides the parties with finality and the opportunity to move forward.

Our firm represents individuals and businesses in quiet title litigation in South Florida. If you are facing a dispute regarding the ownership of real estate, we can represent you in court. We can file a quiet title action on your behalf, or we can represent you in defense of a quiet title action if necessary. In either scenario, our lawyers will use their experience handling title disputes and other complex real estate matters in South Florida to thoroughly assess your legal rights, build a sound litigation strategy, and efficiently pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf.

When is Quiet Title Litigation Necessary?

Quiet title litigation may be necessary under a variety of different scenarios. Broadly speaking, an action to quiet title is necessary when two (or more parties) are in disagreement regarding ownership of a piece of property and the chain of title does not provide a clear resolution to their dispute. This could be because there is a cloud on the title (i.e., a mortgage or unpaid taxes) that casts doubt on the property’s ownership at a certain point in time, or because the chain of title is incomplete.

Disputes regarding title often arise in connection with real estate purchases and sales. Prior to closing, the purchaser will order a title search, and the title search will reveal an issue that gives the purchaser pause. To keep the transaction moving forward, the seller will then need to pursue a quiet title action in order to demonstrate that it is the rightful owner and can lawfully sell the subject property.

How Do You File a Quiet Title Lawsuit?

The procedures for filing a quiet title lawsuit are set forth in Chapter 65 of the Florida Statutes and the circuit court rules. Due to the unique nature of quiet title actions and the complex legal issues involved, it is generally advisable for anyone seeking to pursue quiet title litigation to engage a law firm experienced in handling these matters.

What Should You Do if You are Facing Quiet Title Litigation?

If you are facing quiet title litigation in South Florida, you should engage experienced counsel in this scenario as well. If the litigation does not go your way, you could end up losing your ownership interest in property that is rightfully yours. At Edelboim Lieberman, our real estate attorneys can use our experience to help ensure that this does not happen, and we can assist with resolving any other issues related to your property rights as well.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation Regarding Your Title Dispute

If you need to speak with a lawyer regarding a quiet title litigation matter in South Florida, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation at Edelboim Lieberman. Please call 305-768-9909 or contact us confidentially online to get started today. 

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