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Miami Real Estate Closing Attorney

Assistance with South Florida Real Estate Closings and Title Disputes

When entering into a real estate transaction, it is essential that you have the proper advice and counsel from a qualified Miami real estate closing attorney. People often make the mistake of relying upon the advice of a real estate broker or title insurance company to provide legal advice in connection to a real estate transaction. The purchase and sale of real estate are typically complex legal transactions and require guidance from experienced and qualified professionals that understand how to navigate the intricate legal issues that arise in every transaction. It is advisable for individuals and businesses that are entering into a real estate transaction to hire a real estate closing and title attorney prior to signing a contract. Often, purchasing real estate is one of the most significant legal transactions a person will ever encounter in their lifetime and it is a prudent time to have a lawyer on your side representing your interests. Our experienced Miami real estate attorneys will help you, navigate you through the pitfalls of real estate transactions and avoid the potential problems that may arise in your real estate transaction.

Representation for Sellers in Real Estate Closings and Title Disputes

When selling a property in South Florida, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. But, while many real estate sales go through without incident, it is not unusual for unexpected issues to arise.

If you are selling a property in South Florida, a Miami real estate closing attorney at Edelboim Lieberman can help ensure that you do not encounter unexpected issues before, during or after closing. We have significant experience representing sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions, and we have helped numerous clients both avoid and overcome last-minute challenges. Our attorneys can carefully review all aspects of your transaction, ensure that you have appropriate (and necessary) protections in place, and communicate with the buyer’s counsel on your behalf to address any issues that may present roadblocks to a timely and non-confrontational settlement.

Our attorneys represent sellers in pre-closing and post-closing disputes as well. This includes disputes involving matters ranging from claimed property and title defects to low appraisals and buyer financing issues. In all cases, we take a practical and cost-conscious approach focused on protecting our client’s financial interests as efficiently as possible.

Representation for Buyers in Real Estate Closings and Title Disputes

If you are preparing to purchase real estate in South Florida, it is extremely important that you make informed decisions. You do not want to leave anything to chance. If the deal falls through unexpectedly, or if the property or title isn’t in the condition you expect, this could lead to substantial unanticipated costs.

A Miami real estate closing attorney at Edelboim Lieberman can help you avoid unexpected issues during the buying process. We carefully review our clients’ purchase agreements and other closing documents as well as all title documents and financing paperwork. We also assist our clients with title searches, title insurance, and related issues; and, when issues arise during walkthroughs and final preparations, we help our clients make informed and strategic decisions with their long-term best interests in mind.

We also represent buyers in informal and formal dispute resolution proceedings. If your seller has misrepresented any information or failed to uphold its contractual obligations, we can take appropriate legal action on your behalf. While it is often possible to resolve pre-closing and post-closing disputes without going to court, we have significant litigation experience and can seek appropriate relief from a judge if necessary.

Do You Need a Miami Real Estate Closing Attorney?

Many buyers and sellers understandably want to save costs, and, as a result, they question whether they need to hire a Miami real estate closing attorney. Strictly speaking, the answer is, “No”. If you prefer, you can move forward with your transaction on your own.

Practically speaking, however, there are several reasons to hire an attorney to represent you. Working with an experienced attorney can provide much-needed peace of mind. An experienced attorney will also be able to identify issues before they lead to delays and disputes, and, if issues arise, it can be far more cost-effective to address them proactively with the help of an attorney who has your best interests in mind. 

Potential Issues During a Real Estate Closing

A real estate closing occurs when real estate property passes from the current owner to a new owner. Closings typically occur at a real estate lawyer’s office or at a title company. Common issues that arise during a real estate closing include:

  • IRS, property tax, or mechanic’s lien on the property
  • Title defects
  • Fulfillment of short sale obligations for properties sold for less than the remaining balance on the mortgage
  • Defects observed during a walk-through
  • The property occupied by tenants or other occupants
  • Structural defects discovered prior to closing

These are just a few examples of issues that arise during a real estate closing. A Miami real estate closing attorney or title lawyer can help with all of them.

Review of Final Documents

One of the advantages of working with a real estate lawyer during closing is that they can review all of the closing documents for you in advance of the closing date and by the time that your closing date arrives, all of the closing documents have been carefully reviewed and finalized and that your title policy commitment has been issued. At the real estate closing, you may be overwhelmed by the number of documents you are required to sign. You may receive a number of documents, which could include a closing statement, legal disclosures, a warranty deed, a bill of sale, affidavits related to the title, and mortgage documents. Our attorneys will review these documents in advance of closing, explain these documents to you, and answer all of your questions so that you are well-informed during the process.

Issues with the Title

Title searches are often required prior to closing on a real estate transaction, and this requires a full examination of the property’s records, a chain of title, and a review of the public records. If there is a defect in the chain of title, a cloud on the title, or a title defect, it may cause a delay in closing or prevent closing. Many people assume that because they have been issued a title insurance policy, there are no defects in the chain of title, but that is not true.

Your Miami real estate closing attorney will review the title history of the property and determine the seriousness of any defects or clouds on the title, providing sound legal advice which will allow you to make an informed and educated decision prior to closing on any real estate transaction.

Call An Experienced Miami Real Estate Closing Attorney Today

If you are involved in the purchase or sale of real estate, do not do it alone. At Edelboim Lieberman PLLC, one of our Miami real estate closing attorneys can help. We understand the numerous complex legal issues that arise during the closing, and we will help you overcome your challenges to have a successful real estate transaction. Call us today at (305) 768-9909 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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