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Miami Negligence Lawyer

Often when people think of lawsuits involving negligence, or carelessness, they think of when one person files a claim against another after an accident. This area of law is known as personal injury, but negligence claims can arise in commercial litigation, as well. Companies can become victims of negligence as well, such as when they are harmed by a defective product or inadequate performance by a contractor.

Businesses also find themselves defending against these claims when someone becomes hurt, usually on the property of the business. A Miami negligence lawyer can help in either case and give you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

Company vs. Company Negligence Claims

There have been many examples of negligence claims involving one business suing another in Miami over the years. After Hurricane Irma, for example, several lawsuits involving crane collapses emerged. These lawsuits claimed that the cranes were defective and should have been able to withstand much higher winds than they did. When they failed to withstand the hurricane winds because they were faulty, they collapsed and caused serious injuries and property damage.

Negligence claims involving two companies are not very different from claims involving private citizens. The only unique factor is that companies typically have more resources, but the same laws apply and the procedure is largely the same. For example, under the statute of limitations in Florida, companies suing another business have only four years to file their claim or they will forfeit any right to recover damages.

Defending Against Negligence Claims

Businesses operate to provide their customers and clients with goods or services. They have a very high duty of care to these customers to ensure they are kept safe. Unfortunately, consumers sometimes file a lawsuit against the businesses they deal with, even when the enterprise did not act negligently.

There are defenses to these types of claims against a business, and it is important to work with a Miami negligence lawyer that knows what those are. For example, if you warned customers about a hazardous condition on your property, but they ignored your warnings, that could serve as a defense.

Additionally, if the customer was partly at fault for the accident, that could also result in a reduction of the damages you have to pay, or shield you from liability altogether. For example, if you created a product and someone was hurt while not using it in the manner it was intended, that could protect you in a liability claim. After reviewing the facts of your case, a Miami negligence lawyer can advise on the best defense possible.

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Whether your company has been the victim of another person’s negligence, or you are facing a potential claim, our Miami negligence lawyer at Edelboim Lieberman Oshinsky can provide the sound legal advice you need. Call us today at (305) 768-9909 or fill out our online form to schedule a free and confidential consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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