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Debt Collection/Enforcement of Judgment Lawyer

Even after obtaining a judgment, the collection of a debt can sometimes remain challenging. Judgment debtors may try to hide their assets, have assets that are difficult to reach or liquidate, or judgment debtors may simply refuse to comply with the court orders. When this is the case, you need the help of a debt collection and enforcement of judgment lawyer that can advise you of your legal options and protect the best interests of you and your company.

Enforcing Debt Collections

Sometimes filing a lawsuit and obtaining a judgment is the easy part of the process. Afterward, you may find it difficult to enforce the judgment and collect the money you are owed. You have a number of collection options available, which may include:

  • Wage garnishment: A wage garnishment requires a borrower’s employer to withhold a portion of their paycheck and direct it to you until a certain date, or until you have recovered the entire debt.
  • Bank Garnishment: Bank garnishments, also sometimes referred to as a bank levy’s, are a process typically done after obtaining a judgment. By this process a court directs a bank to freeze a bank account. The bank is then required to provide notice of the assets it is holding. Thereafter, a judgment holder may apply to the Court to withdraw the assets that have been identified by the bank to satisfy the judgment.
  • Execution and replevin: Courts can direct a sheriff to seize assets of the judgment debtor and conduct a sale of such assets to satisfy the debt.

Call Our Debt Collection – Enforcement of Judgment Lawyer in Miami Today

Obtaining a judgment is a victory, but it does not always mean that the job is done. If you need to enforce a judgment, our debt collection and enforcement of judgment lawyers can help. At Edelboim Lieberman, our skilled attorneys have the necessary experience to enforce a judgment and help you collect a debt and will help you recover what you are rightfully due. Call us today at (305) 768-9909 or fill out our online form to schedule a free and confidential consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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