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5 Stars

I used this law firm to evict my tenant on Hollywood beach. They were running an daycare business out of the apartment we rented and they were subletting. I found this law firm locally on google and called them and retained within a couple hours. Eviction was done in 28 days. Would use them again.

Alexander K.

5 Stars

One of my colleagues called this firm for information on doing a residential eviction for a single family home she rented in Hollywood FL. The eviction lawyers were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Call them if you have a landlord tenant issue.

Nicolas W.

5 Stars

Great and fast services. Like to work with professionals who value your time and budget.

Roman K.

5 Stars

I used this law firm to advise me on commercial closings and landlord-tenant law. These attorneys are knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommend.

Bryan S.

5 Stars

I hired Phil Revah with Edelboim Lieberman Revah Law firm to help with a somewhat complicated eviction situation I had with a tenant.

Phil and his team were very professional and helped me throughout each step of the process.

The case had a hearing that included the tenant in court.

Phil was able to professionally state my case and quoted statutes that ended with a judgement in my favor. (This would not have went favorably if he were not well prepared.)

I could not be happier with my decision to hire this law firm with this case.
Although I have been through this process before without representation hiring them ended up being the best decision I could have made with this case.

I highly recommend their team to anyone looking for legal advice and will gladly use them again for future legal needs.

Brandon H.

5 Stars

I have had the opportunity to work and against the partners at this firm and recommend without hesitation. Not only brilliant legal minds, but are willing to out work other firms. Highly recommend!

Chad V.

5 Stars

They have been professionally handling my situation from the beginning, either them or their secretary generally gets back to me in a timely manner. You may need to remind them after a couple of days but this is covid time so they're very busy with backups. I'm using them for Unlawful detainer and I dont have any complaints.

Paige J.

5 Stars

I used this law firm evict my tenants in Miami, Boca and Hollywood. None of them paid due to COVID. We were able to get them evicted in the middle of COVID which was good as we were having trouble making mortgage payments. These lawyers are professional, smart and kind. I recommend to any landlord in south florida.

Iam V.

5 Stars

Used this form for an section 8 eviction. We got the final eviction judgment faster than I expected… about 22 days so very happy with the result. Only issue is that in dade county, even with a final judgment of eviction, the sheriffs are not enforcing court orders… we didn’t end up needing the sheriff for removal though as the tenant left. Satisfied with the result. Thanks

Vladislav S.

5 Stars

We hired this law firm to evict both a warehouse tenant and in a separate case to evict one of our restaurant tenants. We were immediately greeted by attorney Phil Revah who had a profound knowledge of landlord tenant law and was able to analyze and navigate our case with knowledge and the attention it deserved. Due to the lawyer’s efforts, we ended up settling the lawsuit and recovering possession of both eviction properties within 3 weeks of filing both cases. We were also able to recover our attorneys fees and court costs and the majority of the unpaid rent… the rest of the rent was written out due to COVID 19. Incidentally, we had such a good experience with this law firm that we hired them to do our real estate closing, which also went smoothly. If you are looking for knowledgeable and professional attorneys dealing with real estate issues, and specifically with landlord tenant land, I recommend this law firm.

Naomie O.

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