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Miami Code Violation Attorneys

Are you looking for a code enforcement attorney? Have you been issued one or several code violations from your county or city? Perhaps you’ve received a surprise citation over a vacant lot you own. Or maybe you’ve received a code violation citation because your vehicle broke down and you left it on the road for too long. Edelboim Lieberman Revah PLLC can help you. Our code enforcement defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach County code violations, and we can help you fight your violation before the Special Magistrate or Code Enforcement Board. Do not let your city or county take advantage of you. Our code violation attorneys have achieved sustained success across the board from Palm Beach down to Miami, at both the City and County level. To learn more about code enforcement violations in the context of commercial leases, click here.

The code enforcement lawyers at Edelboim Lieberman Revah, PLLC have successfully represented clients in all manner of code violation hearings. Our code violation attorneys are here to help.

Before You Pay a Violation Citation, Contact Our Code Enforcement Attorneys

There are a wide variety of code violations you may be charged or cited within the Miami area. We can help you appeal your code violations or reduce the fines you have incurred.

The most common code violations:

  • Vehicle abandonment
  • Construction without a permit
  • Structure too close to property lines
  • Vacant or unsecured lots.
  • Unsafe Structures
  • Short Term Rental/Airbnb Code Violations
  • Too much clutter, in or overgrown lots
  • Operation of a business in a residential area
  • Zoning Code violations
  • Structural Repairs without a proper permit
  • Unsanctioned mother-in-law suites
  • Dumping waste without a permit
  • Breeding or raising an undomesticated animal

If you have already contested your code violation citation and (30) days have not yet elapsed since the code enforcement board or magistrate rendered a ruling in your cases, call our law firm immediately. Florida statute provides that litigants or alleged violators have 30 days to appeal an adverse ruling from a code enforcement board or code enforcement magistrate. Our attorneys will review the record and transcript of the code enforcement hearing and advise you on whether you might be successful in appeal your code violation to Circuit Court.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Edelboim Lieberman Revah Today

Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience with, and vast knowledge of code violation proceedings. If you have been cited, charged or put on notice of a county or city code violation, call one of our code enforcement defense attorneys at (305) 768-9909 or contact us online

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