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Zoning and Land Use laws determine how real estate can be developed and used. A knowledgeable and experienced land use attorney can help developers and investors alike avoid regulatory headaches and fatal pitfalls. Under Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, cities, counties and local municipalities are tasked with regulating land use.  These regulations can be found in the form of a county or city’s zoning and land use code. Key things to look for in the applicable zoning code include: (1) what the underlying zoning classification for the property is (for instance, residential, urban, industrial or agricultural); (2) what sorts of land uses are permitted in that zone (for instance, whether street advertising or open-air vending is a permitted legal use for the land, or whether a permit would have to be obtained); (3) which standards of land use and development apply (i.e., minimum setback requirements, minimum lot widths and the like); (4) what portion of the building code applies.

Florida is a hotspot for real estate development, with local and foreign investors taking advantage of ideal market conditions to provide housing and commercial developments for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

With a constantly changing political climate, however, zoning and land use laws are constantly changing. Developers, property owners, and investors must be vigilant about complying with new and changing zoning regulations, which can substantially impact their bottom line.

As land use attorneys and zoning lawyers, we at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC are here to help you navigate the changing dynamics of land use and zoning law. A knowledgeable land use attorney can work with you to help you minimize risk, avoid unnecessary delays, and protect your financial and legal interests while getting your development approved, built, and sold.

We represent buyers, developers, and sellers in addressing complex issues related to Florida’s local zoning and land use laws. By ensuring compliance, our land use lawyers have successfully assisted developers in ensuring compliance with land use and zoning laws. Find out more about Florida land use and development by visiting this free legal resource.

Types of Zoning Regulations

Zoning regulations may impact commercial and residential properties. In Florida, zoning and land use laws may place restrictions on:

  • The types of buildings allowed in an area;
  • Room and building size and height;
  • Density allowances;
  • Zoning classifications;
  • Utility line locations;
  • Boundaries and accessory buildings;
  • Parking restrictions;
  • Features of cultural or historic significance;
  • Minimum/maximum lot area; and
  • Front, side, and rear yards.
  • Regulatory Setbacks

Litigating Land Use Claims

Land use litigation is another key part of our practice in Miami. If an adjacent property owner files a claim against you in an attempt to delay, alter, or terminate your development, we can represent your interests.

We can also challenge the development plan denials or other decisions by cities, municipalities, or other local government entities that may threaten your project. As always, we will put your interests first as we use our legal experience to protect your rights.

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