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If you are seeking legal counsel to help you collect a debt you are rightfully owed, Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC is here to represent your interests. An experienced debt collection attorney understands and evaluates your case in the framework of complex collection laws. Our debt collection lawyers have achieved sustained success in collecting debts within the confines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other consumer protection laws. We can also use our knowledge in the areas of bankruptcy and insolvency, including cases under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code to assist you with your debt collection attempts. Our lawyers can work with you to determine the best course of action to assist you with the collection of a debt on your behalf.

With over four decades of legal experience, we can provide such collections services as:

  • Demanding repayment of debt;
  • Filing debt collection lawsuits;
  • Initiating foreclosure and enforcement proceedings;
  • Asset location and seizure;
  • Replevin;
  • Execution on property;
  • Wage garnishment;
  • Levying bank accounts;
  • Negotiating debt settlements;
  • Judgment Enforcement;
  • Proceedings supplementary;
  • Relief from stay motions in bankruptcy court; and
  • Filing proof of claims and defending objections to proofs of claims.

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Representing Creditors in Collections Proceedings Across South Florida

Our debt collections lawyers can employ various strategies and techniques to recover the debt you are owed. Based on the type of debt and your specific goals, we can formulate a plan that will facilitate a swift and positive result. Because we have such extensive experience with litigation, bankruptcy law, real estate law and corporate law we have a distinct edge in debt recovery cases. A debt collection attorney’s job is two-fold: (1) aggressively pursue collection of the debt (2) within the confines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Florida’s Consumer Collection Practices Act. Generally, under the FDCPA, debt collectors cannot:

  • Call a debtor incessantly or at unreasonable times
  • Call you without identifying themselves as debt collectors
  • Contact you at work if prohibited by your employer
  • Threaten to use or actual use violence in an attempt to collect a debt
  • Misstate or mischaracterize the amount or nature of the debt
  • Claim or threaten imprisonment if the debt is not paid
  • Add unauthorized amounts to the allegedly owed debt

To learn more about what a debt collector can and cannot do under state and federal law, visit this free resource. Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC represents secured and unsecured creditors in collections cases, in variety of forums including state court, federal court, bankruptcy court and in arbitration proceedings. We represent a wide array of creditor clients including corporate creditors, lenders, private lenders, asset-based lenders, hard money lenders, mortgage companies, landlords, vendors, and all types of individuals and businesses who are in need of experienced debt recovery and collections representation.

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