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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a consumer reorganization and involves the use of your discretionary income to repay creditors over a period of 3 to 5 years. In a Chapter 13 petition, a debtor may be able to reorganize and discharge their financial obligations under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court while experiencing relief through an automatic stay, which requires all debt collection efforts to cease during the pendency of the bankruptcy case. Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code may be found here.

Filing for Chapter 13 can offer a variety of advantages to a consumer looking to improve their financial affairs, including saving a home from foreclosure, additional time to repay or negotiate with creditors, and a discharge. Chapter 13 can provide a consumer with a fresh start without liquidation of assets which may be required in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Is Chapter 13 right for you? Do you qualify? These are key issues that should be discussed with your attorney before you file. Our Miami Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys can provide you with the knowledge and focus required, drawing upon over 45 years of combined legal experience. At Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC, we want to help you make the right decision about bankruptcy. We want to help you experience all the potential benefits that Chapter 13 may have to offer.

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What is Chapter 13

If you have a regular income and want to protect all of your property, Chapter 13 may be a good option for you. Filing for Chapter 13 can offer the following advantages:

  • Filing Chapter 13 will invoke the automatic stay which stops debt collectors and creditor harassment;
  • You will be required to continue to make your regular mortgage payments and use your discretionary income to repay your creditors;
  • Chapter 13 can be used to help cure your unpaid mortgage arrearage and pay it back over the course of 3 to 5 years;
  • You may be able to remove junior liens and mortgages on your real estate if the value of the real estate is less than the value of your first mortgage; and
  • At the end of your Chapter 13, you will receive a discharge and any creditors that are unpaid at the end of the 3 to 5-year payment plan will be discharged.

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